Bitcoin (BTC) or cryptocurrency has become the most searched word on the Internet you will wonder why? . Some look for its meaning or origins and how to get the Bitcoin crypto.

In this complete tutorial we will show you how to get Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for free, easy and legal are you ready to start?


Mining is a way to get Bitcoin for free. However, I must warn that Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable at this time (2018 and 2019) because electricity prices are becoming more expensive and BTC prices are declining.

The analysis indicates that a BTC mining to make a profit, the price of the BTC must be around $ 20,000.

Cloud mining
  Cloud mining is a cryptocurrency mining system like Bitcoin and Ethereum without any mining equipment / mining platform or related equipment.

In other words, you don’t need to buy sophisticated computer equipment for millions of dollars.

There are several external companies that run Cloud Mining businesses, for example, Genesis, Hashnet, Hasflare, Hashing24, etc. which might interest you and are the best so far to undermine criticism without the need for expensive equipment.

Solo mining
Bitcoin mining / bitcoin mining is a process in which all transactions are entered in the public ledger / Bitcoin books that are open, which means that everyone can register the transaction.

In more detail, the process involves solving a very difficult mathematical puzzle, the puzzle comes from collected transactions that will become blocks.

In the world of cryptocurrency, the great book is also called Blockchain. Mining can also be said as a means to make a new Bitcoin.

Mining itself is very expensive, a computer will generate 100,000 IDR per day. That is also uncertain, depending on the price of BTC, the difficulty in solving mathematical problems in BTC.

2.Win with bitcointalk (Forum)

Each cryptocurrency player must have an account on the site. Bitcointalk is the largest cryptocurrency forum that exists so far.

In order for people to win on this site they require users to post proof of completion of a task here. To get Bitcoin for free, you only need to write articles about cryptography and that its content is original. This is a good way to win very well.


Airdrops is a way for companies to provide FREE cryptocurrencies how true is this? .

In essence, the companies that make airdrops will give their coins for free. You can sell the coins to an exchange like Indodax or Binance to get Bitcoin (BTC).

Does the company really give us money for no reason?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, because they give us crypto free money. Once again, I will remind you that what you receive is CRYPTO MONEY or cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency can be exchanged for fiat money if your cryptocurrency has been exchanged in an exchange.

Not because they usually do airdrops for marketing and people can know the currency better. In general, you should follow your Twitter and tweet your tweets again, join your telegram group and share your facebook.


If you are a lover of adrenaline and betting you would love to know that betting is one of the easiest ways to win cryptocurrencies and one of the easiest to lose them too, Since the crypts came out to the market, many sites have gone out to bet the Crypts and one of the famous bitcoin (BTC) getting to have people who have earned up to approximately $ 1,000,000 that good luck not? Among these great betting sites there are diverse and famous games such as roulette, dice, pinklo, blackjack and other fun games. If you feel lucky try to increase your cryptos.


If we talk about faucet in that we are experts being Owners of one such as “Wortex faucet“.

The faucets were created with the purpose of publicizing a very famous cryptocurrency as it is today bitcoin (BTC) in its early days people could claim up to 1 bitcoin and you can imagine what you would do with it today.

Then, as time went by, they ceased to be a way of making a crypto known as a form of business and you wondered how is that possible? because very easy with time some people realized that they generated a large mass traffic and decided to monetize it and thus obtaining excellent profits for the owners of the faucets and the users.

Although not everything is good given that faucets are a good way to win crypts many people have abused them with multi accounts and the use of automatic claims with bots for which many have closed.

But nonetheless they are very profitable and there are thousands and you can collect them in one place thanks to a platform called faucetHub that has different ways of receiving faucets and acomular claims and in various cryptocurrencies.