Surely you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies or maybe you need a better wallet,if that is the case then we show you the best ones for you.


This wallet offers the option of having a debit card, so you can use all the funds and keep them in the wallet, in this case, with Xapo you can make purchases and also withdraw money from ATMs and much more; All this with the benefits of any other crypto wallet.


This open source wallet is ideal for those looking to obtain a high level of anonymity in each of their transactions, said wallet is cataloged as a mobile wallet, which offers various features in relation to security and privacy, additionally, it is a Of the wallets that offer compatibility with Trezor, another hardware-type wallet, this allows more users to be managed, and that they have full control of Trezor from Mycelium. This crypto wallet has a fairly broad trajectory having been chosen as the “Best mobile application” in the 2014 by


Does that name sound familiar to you? Well, that one of the most famous cryptocurrency wallet because? The simplicity and power that Coinbase has, are features that allow it to be quite recommended, in addition, it is capable of supporting various cryptocurrencies, even with this wallet it is possible to buy Bitcoin with Credit cards in Latin America, in the same way on its website you can carry out cryptocurrency trading.


If you are looking for an excellent wallet for your “Coinomi” mobile device, I think it is one of the best for you with high security, accepts multiple cryptocurrencies and has low rates and includes exchanges and the possibility of acquiring new tokens that come to market crypts